To me, purchasing organic produce and products isn’t about being picky, a food snob or choosing the more expensive option.

It is about making a difference. A difference to the health of myself and my family. A difference to my impact on the environment.  A difference by supporting ethical, fair trade companies who are trying to put an end to injustice.  A difference by supporting local farmers. A difference by being a good steward of God’s creation.

Photo by Photobofh (Flickr)

Beyond the ‘safer for you’ argument, I have learned that well-balanced organic soil grows stronger, healthier plants that taste better and contain more nutrients.

Pesticides, fertilisers and genetic engineering not only harm the food we eat, and thereby our own bodies, they also harm the workers who tend the crops and animals. By buying these products, we are saying “Yes, keep making these…we want more” creating a market that harms people, especially the poor.

Many people have the mindset that one person cannot make a difference. I disagree! Each and every person can make a difference and it starts with the choices we make as a consumer.

We live on a standard size suburban block and we try to grow us much of our food as possible using organic gardening practices. We have  herbs, chickens, worms, compost, two dogs and more than 100 fruit and vegetable varieties squeezed into our yard. I try to spend as much time as possible in my garden but between church, work, friends and family, sometimes it gets neglected! Nature’s mechanisms to produce food from a tiny seed amaze me. God has created such an intricate system for us to work within. A  garden is an amazing place and I love observing the whole process!

Quite often, I hear people say “I wasn’t born with a green thumb, so there is no point in trying”. I wasn’t born with a green thumb either and in fact I think you would be hard pushed to find someone who was! It takes research, perserverance, dedication and trial and error to create and successfully grow a garden.

Join me on my journey of seeking an organic and chemical free life.

So about what shall I be blogging?

I hope to include my favourite recipes, information on food and gardening, keeping an organic and chemical free house and how my faith accompanies me on this journey.

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